Although it may seem like a departure from our core skills & expertise, we are now offering our customers mobile phone contracts. Summarised below are the key reasons why we think you should be looking to us to implement your business mobile phones strategy.

Samsung phone
  • Gone are the days when it was all about minutes & data. Your focus should be on security & the apps your staff can & should be using on their phones. The right apps secured in the right way tailored to your business needs will deliver business benefits. You need an IT support company that knows, understands & delivers this.
  • All businesses should have a mobile device policy for staff & a means of measuring & monitoring the use of company mobiles. Without it you might be falling foul of legislation and/or your industry standards. We can help you devise & implement appropriate policies for your business. Furthermore, with our MDM (mobile device management) we can provide you with everything you need to manage/monitor those mobiles ensuring all staff follow best practice.
  • Our mobile phone contracts put you back in control. For example, from the management portal you’ll have full visibility of all your phones regardless of the network they are on. You’ll be able to quickly/easily set spend alerts & we’ll show you how to generate reports like who is using their mobile to ring costly 0800 numbers?
  • The management portal will enable you to set-up all the parameters & spend controls you want for all your mobiles. That means no more wading through time consuming bills at the end of every month trying to figure out how multiple bills are calculated. Examples of really useful features include the ability to set a threshold of maximum data usage & when the user gets to 80% they get an alert & if they reach their limit, data top ups are easy to configure.
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  • Staff using social media on the mobile while at work is a significant problem for some businesses in terms of lost hours. Moreover, without mobile device management you might know it’s taking place, but you can’t possibly quantify it. Our MDM provides you with the ability to monitor and/or restrict social media during working hours.
  • All our mobile phone contracts come with the peace-of-mind that you are supported 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Moreover, we can give you an assurance that a mobile contract support call will be answered straight away by a technician with full access to the management portal.
  • Mobiles can be used to steal company data. Proper MDM implementation can significantly curtail this.
  • Mobiles get lost. What if a lost mobile has confidential information on it? If it does not have an MDM applied to it & it falls into the wrong hands & they manage to hack into the phone – a potential data breach with all the implications is a likely outcome. That wouldn’t happen if the phone was properly supported & managed with our MDM solution.
Contract combination EE-and-3
contract combination Vodafone & o2
  • We provide highly flexible, bespoke contracts with Vodafone, O2, EE and 3 (or a combination – all on the one bill).
  • Our preference is for our customers to source the handsets themselves – we just provide the contract & the sim card.
  • Contract pricing is straightforward & easy to follow.
  • Similarly, MDM pricing is a flat monthly fee per user.

So here’s your call to action. Start taking advantage of the huge potential benefits to your business of the proper use of mobiles & mobile apps. Get visibility on all your bills & usage across all mobiles with a single management portal. Finally, implement our MDM solution to secure all your mobiles & ensure staff are using them appropriately.