A fully integrated telephone system offers so much more than just extensions/handsets on desks & the ability to talk to colleagues, suppliers & customers. Done correctly, the overlap between computers & phones can deliver all sorts of communications benefits. Requirements vary but broadly speaking our key telephony offering is a cloud-based, hosted solution called 3CX. Our experience & expertise means we are extremely well placed to help you implement this fully integrated cloud based computer telephony system hosted in our secure datacentre.

  • Rather than just having the traditional handset/extension on the desk, we can put extensions on your mobiles. This is especially useful for staff who are often away from their desk but would still like to be contactable & don’t want to carry around a mobile & a cordless.
  • If your staff make/receive a lot of calls at their desk while using a computer, instead of a clumsy awkward headset connected to the handset/extension, we can do away with the handset all together & provide you with a wireless earpiece. This leave two hands free for the keyboard & mouse plus a load more desk space with less tangled up wires.
Desktop as a Service
  • You shouldn’t need to wait to get back to your desk to collect your voicemail in this day & age. With 3CX we integrate it into Outlook – you get the usual voicemail “flashing lamp” on your extension at your desk but the integration means you’ll get the same message in your Outlook inbox. This is great if you are out & about. You can collect & deal with your voicemail messages from anywhere.
  • Additional Outlook integration features include dial from the desktop. So instead of picking the phone up & dialling a number, if the person you want to call is in your Outlook, you click on the phone symbol next to their name & “hey presto” you’re ringing them!
  • Your computer system can help with incoming calls as well. We can configure 3CX to integrate with your customer database i.e. when a customer rings, the system recognises their incoming number & puts their details on the computer screen as you answer the phone.
  • Does your business have more than one set of premises? 3CX is ideal for you. One phone system for everyone regardless of location. Highly scalable, always up-to-date, future-proof, secure & ticks all the boxes in terms of disaster recovery.
What differentiates us
  • 3CX has a sophisticated call reporting package. So you can track all the following; missed calls, outgoing calls by extension, incoming calls by extension & many more.
  • Are you working from home a bit more often? Because 3CX is cloud based you aren’t tied to your office desk handset/extension. You can make/receive calls from anywhere using a multimedia PC or your mobile just the same as if you were in the office at your desk.
  • Additional features in 3CX include call recording, wall-boards for instant reporting of things like how many callers are waiting in a queue as well as auto-attendant call routing.
  • Full Microsoft 365 integration means you don’t have to maintain both an address book in the phone system & your own contacts in Outlook – instead “integrated” you use just the one.
Cloud Computing Solutions

So here’s your call to action. Start taking advantage of the huge potential benefits to your business of the proper use of telephony properly integrated into your computer systems.