Your business can of course source it’s telecoms from just about any telecoms company. What differentiates us from other potential suppliers is the integration expertise we can bring linking your computer systems to your telephony.


There’s so much more to telecoms these days than just the extension/handset on your desk. Our expertise & guidance can ensure all sorts of features are implemented in your business & these kinds of enhancements improve customer service & save your staff time;

  • We’ll show you how proper call reporting can be scrutinised & turned into extraordinarily useful management information like how many calls are being lost & not returned?
  • Just because a member of staff is away from their desk doesn’t mean they aren’t able to take that call e.g. install the extension app on their mobile phone.
  • If your phone lines are down, you can’t take sales calls? Where’s your robust, quick to deploy failover to ensure you are only down for a few minutes (if at all).
  • Our infrastructure expertise can deliver this sort of solution providing you with peace-of-mind that whatever the circumstances, your phone system & lines are as reliable as they can be.

For many businesses, improvements in their IT hasn’t been matched by improvements in telecoms. You might well have made huge strides forward in recent years with better computer systems, faster broadband, enhanced security – but has telecoms changed/improved? Possibly not.

There are lots of telecoms companies out there that would be delighted to sell you a new system – but invariably they lack the knowledge, desire & expertise to go the extra mile to get your telephony working with your IT to provide a fully integrated technology solution that really delivers the communications platform your business needs.


Gamma Horizon is a market leading UK cloud based telephone system for SME’s. When combined with our IT expertise we take Horizon & “super-charge” your communications experience with a whole host of telecoms improvements to make your use of the phones significantly more efficient.

Standard integration we provide includes; your phone extension on your mobile, cordless headsets instead of working “one-handed” on the computer, your extension at home (if you work from home occasionally) & many more solutions properly linking telephony to computer systems.

Microsoft Teams has a new add-on called Business Voice. It’s a phone system designed for SME’s. It’s another SME telephony solution we can provide. Would you like a demo? We’d be delighted to show you how it could potentially be your company phone system.

Why us? Several reasons;

  • Friendly, jargon free support with IT skills that transfer into helping your staff get the most from a phone system.
  • Address book integration. I.e. clients in your CRM are automatically in your phone system.
  • Extensive management reporting. E.g. list all yesterday’s missed unreturned calls.
  • Call recording options ranging from basic through to full MiFID II compliant.