In readiness for your support call with the A & N Engineer, could you make sure you have all the following details to hand;

  • Company name & department as well as your name.
  • Your contact phone number & email address.
  • Description of the issue/problem you are calling about.
  • Do you know if it has been logged before?
phone call with our engineer

Depending on your contract arrangements with us, this might be “on contract” but it might also be outside of that agreement. If that’s the case “not on contract” work will need authorisation.

Our support engineer will need to know what priority you’d consider the issue to be & typically, we grade priority as follows;

Priority 1 = major outage, e.g. server down.

Priority 2 = affects quite a lot of staff or something significant is held up.

Priority 3 = low priority task to be done when convenient i.e. within a few days.

Apart from yourself, who else at your end (if anyone) needs to be kept informed about progress in relation to this issue?

Your expectations in terms of a resolution. i.e. what you think would be a good outcome & when?

priority help A & N
Remote Control app

How you’d like to be kept informed e.g. an email with an update at least every 24 hours? Or would you prefer a phone call?

Any other relevant information you think would be useful to the A & N Engineer to ensure you get the speedy resolution you want.

When you are ready click “REMOTE CONTROL APP” bottom right to start the session.