We only work with UK based data centres that have approximately 2,000 clients & multiple sites (co-location). Carefully selected, our data centres are spread all over the country from West Yorkshire to Berkshire. Our data centre partners have achieved all the necessary/appropriate industry recognised accreditations including the likes of; iso27001, iso14001, iso9001, pci-dss.

Computer Network
Data Centre Technologies

Data centre technologies we deploy include non-standard high-end services like cross site clustering & server configuration vulnerability scanning. These aren’t the typical vast, global, colossal data centres normally associated with SME technology. Instead we provide/deliver services from ideally suited data centre partners who, like us, understand the SME market & know it is very different to serving the demands of a business employing hundreds or thousands.

Finding that synergy between meeting both our requirements & the needs of our SME clients hasn’t been easy – we have chosen cautiously & wisely. These data centre partners are not too big but not too small. This provides us with huge scope & flexibility in terms of products, services & support for our customers. We talk to the senior engineers & the management team on almost a weekly basis.

SME Requirements
Flexibility and Responsive Data

In other words, we are considered an important contributor to how the data centres are run, the apps deployed & the customer services delivered. You just can’t get that level of flexibility & responsiveness from the big enterprise multinational data centre providers that most of our competitors use.