As a Microsoft Partner we resell Office 365. But we’d like to do so much more than just sell you the latest version of MS Office. There’s more to Office 365 than just those office apps. Here are five examples of great things you can do in Office 365 with a little help from us;

1 Proper Email Archiving

Are you comfortable with all your staff having complete control of their mailbox? That means your staff can delete/purge anything they like. That has implications for your traceability and your compliance. Moreover, implementing the standard Office 365 archiving STILL ALLOWS your staff full access to their mailbox & the entire contents of the archive. In other words they can still delete/purge anything they like.

We offer a proper archiving solution so that regardless of what staff do with their mailbox contents, all messages are archived. This gives you peace-of-mind that in the event of “an incident” regardless of everything else that will be going on, you know you have every email that’s been sent & every email received.

2 Share Files Live

Working with a colleague on a document or a spreadsheet? Rather than delays in changes because you are passing it forward/backwards to each other, we can show you how, with the online versions of the Office 365 apps, you can both work on it together simultaneously maybe while on the phone together – this will get the job done so much faster !

3 Security & Compliance

Office 365 comes with a whole host of security & compliance features. But unless they are configured correctly you might not be getting the benefits. We can go through these settings with you (in plain English) to make sure they are appropriately configured. A popular setting is mobiles remote wipe. That is in the event of a mobile being lost/stolen you can at least delete all the office 365 stuff on it.

4 Skype

Although you might not want to video conference with your customers – why not just use it with your colleagues? Skype is great for this & Microsoft have now built it into Teams. So if you are an Office 365 user it all comes at no additional cost – so why not use it? Again we can help you get it operational/working for you & your colleagues.

5 Microsoft Teams

A huge short-coming with email is when you are trying to include lots of people in a discussion. Because email is one dimensional, as soon as you get to three of four people in the conversation, email simply doesn’t work. You might have already experienced this – it’s almost impossible to make well informed, good decisions via email when trying to keep up with everyone’s comments over several days with different views from different people at different times. Instead of conventional email you should be using Teams to share information & we can show you how.