Internet access is essential for business in this day & age. Is your company reliant on just one internet connection/service? We’d be delighted to help you get a second “failover” line and/or a faster connection. But for some SME’s that’s just too expensive. If that’s the case for you, we offer as cost effective “quick & simple” short-term recovery/fix while your ISP repairs your broadband. We call it Emergency Broadband as a Service (EBaaS).

Emergency Broadband
Emergency Broadband

Unfortunately, a standard business internet connection typically has a fault/problem every six months or so. If you want an almost guaranteed “always up” service, the cost will invariably be about five times as expensive! That’s a huge expense for most SME’s and they don’t want to pay it. So they accept the risk and unfortunately have to manage the consequences of no internet in their premises every now and then.

We’ve devised EBaaS – it deliberately uses a completely different way of connecting your business to the internet i.e. mobile phone technology instead of copper cables and with the replacement router, EBaaS provides a pre-configured “ready to go” solution. EBaaS fits nicely in-between risking it with no contingency plans or having to fork out huge amounts of money every month for a guaranteed service. In other words, in the event of you losing your standard business internet connection EBaaS is an affordable alternative to a high-end service you might be struggling to justify financially.

EBaaS broadband
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Don’t wait for your internet to go down and for potentially many hours/days of staff downtime, missed orders, your customers getting frustrated with you, etc. Implement EBaaS for peace-of-mind that in the event of you losing the broadband, you know you’ll be connected again quickly on the EBaaS temporary broadband solution.

For more information download one of our PDF's;
Emergency Broadband as a Service (EBaaS)