Imagine your server stops working. Your first thought might be, “Where’s our backup?” Assuming you have a backup – what is it going to run on? Building and configuring a replacement server isn’t a straightforward task. Before you know it, days might have passed before you actually have an operational server that your staff can log onto and use. So that’s your business without a server for days – that’s a disaster!

Server Backup
Disaster Recovery

We’ve devised DRaaSS (Disaster Recovery as a Service for Servers). It’s a copy of your server securely stored in the cloud ready to go in the event of a server disaster. Your “live” server sends all its changes/updates to your DRaaSS every night. If the worst happens we reconfigure your network to point to the DRaaSS server in the cloud instead of your usual server. Typically it takes a quarter of the time that it would normally take to recover a conventional server virtual machine.

Benefits of DRaaSS include; Speed of recovery, downtime reduced, peace-of-mind and insurance, First class SME DR solution & worst case – you are a day behind.

Data centre
Efficient recovery

Don’t wait for a major server problem to happen in your business before considering the benfits of DRaaSS. At A & N we can implement DRaaSS within a few days with little or no disruption to your existing IT. Moreover, our service includes an annual simulated disaster recovery test – you’ll be amazed at how efficiently we are able to recover your servers for your staff within a very short timeframe.