Desktop as a service (DaaS) is otherwise known as full cloud computing. Does all that expensive processing power really need to be in a PC on your desk or server somewhere in your building? What if you just had on your desk; screen; keyboard & a mouse with all the processing elsewhere? With a decent internet connection, there’s probably no reason why you can’t relocate all that processing from on-premises in your offices to secure cloud computing.

DaaS Cloud computing
Desktop as a Service

Cloud servers will provide you with FAR MORE processing power – i.e. that’s faster IT. With a cloud services partner that you can trust, why on earth would you want lots of expensive computers in your premises? There’s just no need for them. Doesn’t the idea of a massive simplification of your IT sound appealing? If you run an SME, you should be using or at least considering using cloud services. In-turn, maybe you should be talking to us?

With DaaS, instead of using a PC, all your users log onto a system in the cloud called a remote desktop server. Because it is effectively one system shared by all the staff, everyone uses exactly the same versions of software and that makes applying company IT policies, adhering to standards and achieving compliance so much easier than attempting to do it the conventional way.

Shared Cloud system
Desktop as a Service

The compelling argument is the overall reduction in your overheads. Look beyond the initial capital outlay of the PC or server. Factor in your total cost of ownership of a conventional IT sytem. Quite simply, DaaS is less expensive. Don’t wait for your competitors to implement DaaS & get their overheads down before you do it. Take a good look at the benefits of DaaS with us. We’d be delighted to do a demo for you – give us a call.

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