Are your backup procedures properly documented in “plain English” so that you understand what is being backed up, where to & how often? When did you last do different types of restore tests to check backup actually works & you can recover a corrupt database, find a lost file or restore some email accidentally deleted?

Up to date backups

Do you consider yourself reasonably well informed in terms of backup technologies to the point where you are confident your systems are fit for purpose, using appropriate up-to-date backup technologies & your backup/restore procedure meets your expectations?

If you run an SME, you are responsible for the data in that business & if any of these questions make for uncomfortable reading – maybe you should be talking to us?

In conjuction with a number of our clients & using industry recognised leading edge tried and tested solutions, we’ve developed Reassure60. It isn’t a particular piece of equipment or an app, it’s a holistic way of thinking about your data and your backup requirements based on many years’ experience and expertise providing reliable, trustworthy IT solutions to SME businesses.

Swap server disks
Reassure60 benefits

Reassure60 is a lot more than just a backup. It provides you with notifications, multiple copies of your data, stored locally and securely in the cloud. The system is fully documented (in plain English) so you can see exactly what is being backed up, where to, the frequency and the method of backup. Don’t wait for a major IT problem to happen in your business before considering the benefits of “Reassure60”.