Holywell Care Group ( are a provider of residential care home services and domiciliary care in Preston & Morecambe. Employing approximately 150 staff, Holywell have been a long-standing customer with A&N who have provided a range of IT services over the years.


Like any other NHS supplier, Holywell are required to comply with new NHS DSP (Data Security and Protection) regulations. A&N performed a comprehensive “top down” review of each & every aspect of Holywell’s IT systems and infrastructure. The results were clear – in order to comply with these new guidelines, a radical overhaul was going to be required of the existing setup in terms of; equipment, software, network layout and security.


After carefully analysing all the requirements, A&N’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS – a hosted cloud desktop solution) was selected, designed and implemented to comply with all obligations going forward.

Firstly, a secure site to cloud network was required to ensure that communication between the sites and to the cloud services, was entirely safe. This involved installing new physical infrastructure at each site including commercial grade network equipment. Next, a comprehensive permission-based information system resource was designed with the customer using the latest Microsoft Cloud Server technology and security. All users were then setup within the new system using a new account provisioning routine agreed with the customer. Finally, staff were migrated from their old on-premise PC’s and laptops to their new DaaS environment.

The DaaS services are protected by government strength security and all data is backed up and protected every day with rapid restore and disaster recovery capabilities in the event of any kind of problem.


Having implemented the solution, the Holywell management team have been able to build & develop other policies & workflow to suit their particular requirements. Holywell’s new IT setup and successful implementation has enabled them to pass all the new NHS IT compliancy requirements.

On project completion, Robert Connor, Director at Holywell said, “The Data Protection Act 2018 introduced new, more stringent requirements for organizations handling personal data to do so securely and protect client information. In the field of health and social care, organizations that need to share patient and client personal data must establish secure systems. In this context, A&N has implemented organization-wide systems to ensure compliance with cyber security standards whilst maintaining a user-friendly experience.”

Rob Gibbs, Operations Manager at A&N and head of this project said, “It has been a real pleasure working with the team at Holywell and helping them migrate to this new solution & achieving all the compliance requirements. We have built a very secure system, with a scalable solid base from which they can quickly grow the business & meet any regulatory change in the future.”