There are quite a few things that makes us very different to most IT companies. Not too big, not too small we like to think of ourselves as “just right” for SME’s & here’s why;

Generally, SME’s don’t like buying products & services from big IT companies. There are many reasons for this;

  • Never get to speak to the same person twice.
  • Escalating problems to senior management is difficult.
  • IT problems are turned into meaningless “tickets” that get misinterpreted as they are passed from one department to another.
  • They lack the personal touch appreciated by SME clients.
  • The focus is national or international rather than local.
  • Deep knowledge of particular SME site or set-up is never developed because the likelihood of same engineer ever coming back is low.
  • Expertise spread too thin across many different sectors.
What differentiates us
What differentiates us

Similarly SME’s don’t like buying products & services from very small IT companies or “one man” bands. There are also many reasons for this;

  • All the knowledge in the hands of very few or even only one person.
  • Scarce resource – they can only do one job at once.
  • Geography – they can only be in one place at once.
  • Limited knowledge.
  • Expertise in only in a handful of areas.
  • Risk – what if key person got ill.

What most SME’s need is an IT company that isn’t too big nor too small;

  • A & N has 10 staff, most of which have been with us a long time & all have a very good breadth of knowledge.
  • Twenty-five years trading means we’ve seen & done almost everything SME IT related but we continue to focus on what matters to us; local IT support services.
  • We rarely work outside of Lancashire.
  • We try to ensure every client gets a lead engineer supported by a second engineer. That’s two people that know your systems inside out. This helps build a great working relationship.
A & N Company size