We consider ourselves technically very strong in SME security solutions. If you run an SME, you are responsible for the security of the data in that business & you need to be confident you can answer yes to each of the following key questions?

  1. Is your router/firewall configured correctly so that all unauthorised access is blocked?
  2. Are all your systems up-to-date in terms of security patches; operating systems, apps, antivirus, antispam?
  3. Do all your staff that use computers have basic IT security training?
  4. Do all your staff know how to follow good practice in terms of keeping systems secure/safe?
  5. How are all the above being checked/monitored, by whom & how often?

If any of these questions make for uncomfortable reading – maybe you should be talking to us?

Cyber Essentials is becoming an SME security “kitemark.” If not the case already, your industry and/or supply chain might well expect everyone to have achieved the accreditation soon. We’ve helped lots of businesses get Cyber Essentials & have devised a service to assist SME’s quickly achieve this popular accreditation. We call it Cyber Essentials as a Service (CEaaS).

Cyber Essentials

For more information download one of our PDF's;
Cyber Essentials as a Service (CEaaS)