With staff working from home, are you confident all your computer systems are secure & your company data is safe? Like most other businesses, you rushed your home-working strategy. Now you need to ask yourself – could it be more secure?

We are home-working experts. If you have concerns about the technologies/methods your staff are using to work from home, you need to be speaking to us. With everything else going on, at the moment, the last thing you need right now is a data breach, failure to meet your compliance obligations or a network virus/ransomware attack.

Have you made sure all your home-working staff are using an encrypted link and/or two factor authentication? Everyday is Christmas Day for hackers right now because so many businesses have rushed their home-working & aren’t securing the link from homes to company data!

If staff are using “the family PC” or the laptop that’s “shared with the children” to connect to your corporate network, your company data might well be at risk!

Don’t panic! Get us involved. With over 25 years’ experience & expertise we are here to help you, our fellow Lancashire SME’s, get through this together. We are ideally placed to advise & implement secure systems that you & your staff can trust to provide you with safe home-working.

There’s never a good time to get hacked, but imaging it happening to you, today? The difficulties you currently face would have just become so much worse! Don’t delay, safeguard your systems, get your home-working secure.